Frangipane mince pies

Completely bored by the traditional mince pie, and wanting something a little more decadent i stumbled upon this idea from Mary Berry of topping them with frangipane.

Mary berry makes her own pastry and uses tin mince meat, but i thought i would nick the fragipane idea and add it to my mince pie base.

I used ready rolled sweet pastry as this is a sweat pie, and life is to short to make pastry especially when you can by it and it is just as good.  Then i used some of my boozy fruit that i made in September and has been stooping in brandy all this time. and then topped with the frangipane mix.  i dusted mine with icing sugar but Mary berry glazed hers with apricot jam.  These are really so good that they have now become our adopted mince pie for the Christmas season.

Frangipane recipe
100g butter
100g caster sugar
2 large eggs
100g ground almonds
1 tbsp plain flour
1/2 tsp almond extract

mix the butter and sugar together to cream
add 2 beaten eggs slowly, the mix may look like it will curdle but this is ok
add the ground almonds, flour and extract and mix briefly

add to the top of your mince pies and cook for 15 mins on 180c


  1. oh my goodness i bet these were delicious Helen! i love the thought of adding some almondy frangipane to the top of mincemeat yum!
    please link up the the xmas GBBO x x

  2. My mum would go mad for these! x

  3. oooooh frangipane! this is got to be most clever mince pie recipe i've seen all season! I followed you here from the Christmas Foodie roundup on BritMums. I’d like to invite you to come link up with me at my link party this week for food and recipe posts. The party appears on 10 blogs and I pin EVERY post that is shared! We’d love to have you! You can find this week’s party on my blog.

  4. thank you for linkig this up Helen - i would still like to try one please x x



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