Lemon and Elderflower sorbet

This is a lovely snowball in a glass, fresh and light and a perfect dessert or treat for a nice sunny day and can also be eaten as an amuse bouche.  Not only is this unbelievable easy to make your have to stop yourself going back for seconds

150g caster sugar
1 pint water
juice of 3 lemons
4 tbsp of elderflower cordial
1 egg white

place the sugar in a pan with 1pint of water to dissolve over a low heat and once dissolved simmer for 5 mins until your have made a light syrup. if you have a sugar thermometer it should have a temperature of 106c.

Allow the syrup to cool completely and stir in the lemon juice and cordial and freeze.

When frozen remove from the freeze and break up into chucks and add to a food processor with the egg white and process till smooth and then return to the freezer until frozen

If your making this at the right time of year and fancy making your own Elderflower cordial check out my post on how to make this  elderflower and lemon cordial this lasts all year long so its a great make for your store cupboard.

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  1. The cordial especially sounds tasty, I like elderflower :) Another great post! x

  2. if you get the chance make the cordial its really nice i think i will make fresh fruity juices and sorbets all summer long with it

  3. Ooh - lovely! I have plenty of elderflower cordial in the fridge so will definitely be tempted by this sorbet! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mmmm this sounds lovely, I have loads of cordial so may try this one :-) x

    1. oooh im glad your cordial went well

  5. Sadly our elder tree didn't really flower this year so we've not managed to collect anything! i do the taste of elderflower/berry things and this sorbet sounds like an amazing combination!