Homemade Easter eggs

Now im going to sound like a tight wad but honestly im not as i have bought Easter eggs but i noticed that for 300g of egg you can pay anything from £8 to £15 for the egg and 70g of egg is a £1.

Now the reason for making the Easter eggs was more for the fun and creativity with Sophie rather than the cost. Seeing as you can buy better quality chocolate than you get in a Easter egg being £1 for 100g we bought Menier Patissier.  I thought this was an interesting fact that your paying more for the packaging as eggs are rather fragile things and which you throw away instead of paying for the quantity of chocolate you get.
Even silicon moulds are cheap this one cost a £1 and the chocolate £2 and gave us an hour together playing in the kitchen, being creative and having fun just what you need for a half term activity.
We even used rainbow sprinkles which we put into the moulds first and added the white chocolate on top to the sprinkles really showed through.  We then added the milk chocolate after the white chocolate after this had a chance to set for 5-10 min.  We put these into the fridge to set and releasing them from the silicon moulds was simple as they just popped out.  We even had enough chocolate to make jazzy buttons, which we squirted a spot on grease proof paper and topped with rainbow sprinkles while the chocolate was still wet.  Daddy loves jazzy buttons and i think we will have to make more of these.

 photo frogbutton.jpg


  1. Ooh I do so love to drop by and see your little one craft and cook!!! Yumm!

  2. Thank you Sonia like wise on your blog Sophie is getting so good now in the kitchen i bearly have to do anything except assit her i think im now the sue cheff

  3. I envy her talent in the kitchen! :) x

  4. I know how many two year olds do you know that are that competent in the kitchen soon she will be baking all by her self

  5. what great eggs and so much nicer because you made them yourself x