White Chocolate and basil mousse

If you wondered what to have with your brandy snap I blogged about yesterday, how about this light and fluffy white chocolate and basil mousse.  This is a great make ahead desert.

4 gelatine leaves measuring 11.5 cm x 6.5cm broken into small bits
300ml double cream
150g good quality white chocolate
30g fresh basil
2 medium eggs whites
50g caster sugar

Two days before you want to eat the dessert put the cream, chocolate and basil into a pan and warm very gently until the chocolate has melted 

 Put this into a big jar and put in the fridge over night to infuse further.

One day before you want to eat the desert put the gelatine in a bowl with 75ml of boiling water and stir until disolved.

Whisk the egg whites and sugar until fluffy, use a sieve and pour the creamy chocolate mixture into the egg whites so the basil leaves are left behind, also pour in the gelatine water. Fold all the mixture together just to combine and pour into glasses cover with cling film and put into the freezer for 45 mins make sure you put a timer on so you don't forget.  Once out of the freezer place into the fridge and leave over night.  Server with a crunchy brandy snap and a sprig of small basil leaves on top.


  1. ooh I can almost taste the awesome blend of flavors in this one Helen! Thank You for sharing


  2. Thank you Sonia yes this one sounds a bit odd but is really nice light and very moorish brandy snaps go well with it too

  3. Not sure about this combination but if you have made it I bet it was lovely! x

    1. i know it does sound odd doesnt it but trust me OMG it works so well and is tasty!