Aston Clinton village fair

It Sunday and its fair day we started out by visiting the boot fair to get Sophie some bargain toys and she found a Beany frog called smoochie, a magic wand, and a Dr's kit and only spent a £1 for the lot, lucky girl. 

 After the boot fair we headed out to Aston Clinton's annual fair, sorry about the picture quality i took these on my phone and they are not so great.  This year we went as visitors for the first time as the baby is due in a few weeks and i didn't think it would be a smart idea being heavily pregnant selling my soaps.  The fair was busy and there was a nice hustle and bustle about the place.  The atmosphere was lovely with the smell of lots of different foods from BBQ, Indian curries and Paella.  Music was playing from live bands and the sound of happy children running around while contented dads drink beer and watched them as their wives spent money at all the lovely stalls.  The stalls were a great collection as always with lots of clever people that handmade item from cheese, sausages, wine, cider, jewellery, furniture and children's clothes just a few option to look at and i felt a little sad i wasn't there selling my soaps and bombs.  However we went home with a full bag of goodies from many of the stalls.
 There were a few rides, teacups and swing boats for Sophie to drag daddy on and i think daddy might be getting old as he felt a bit sick after the teacup ride where as Sophie was over the moon at the having such a great time.  By the time we had gone round and enjoyed the fair Sophie was well and truly pooped out and flopped over some poor ladies handmade furniture to recover, and daddy had to pick her up and carry her before mummy had to get her purse out and buy the table and chairs.


  1. That last picture is just so sweet... Hope you are well, not long now!! :)