Peacock facepainting

Sophie got a new outfit with a big peacock and new tutu so we had break open the face paint and have a go at some feathers, however i'm not so happy with these designs i think i will have to go away and have a mull on what to do.  We did 2 designs one with hearts and swirls is an utter mess and looks like my face paint vomited on the side of her face i was trying to pick up on her t-shirt with the hearts and i'm really unhappy with the eye area. The peacock feather could be a lot better so i need more practice as well as having a less wriggly child.

Later that day we tried again but decided to do it mask style and see what happened.  Well this is what we got and Sophie liked this one the best and i think we are done phew, still could be a lot better.

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