Monsters University

Ever wondered how a big blue and pink fluffy monster and a monster that looks like a pea ever came together?

Monsters University is the story of how Mike met Sulley and became best buddy's well eventually ....

Mike ever inspired at the age of 6 by going into one of the forbidden scare rooms on a field trip to the Monsters incorporated, achieves his dream of joining the MU

At the university campus the two monsters lives come together as Scare majors where the promising Sulley who comes from a family of respected scare monster and has as easy life partying and living the University dream .  Meets Mike, who doesn't look the part to scare any child turns to his books to prove himself.  This start the bickering relationship of Sulley and Mike who become enemy's and try to out do each other.
However an unfortunate incident involving the Dean and a Can means that Sulley and Mike are kicked out of scare university ending their dreams of a career in the Monster incorporated and making their relationship worse.  

A freshmans flyer brings a turn of fortunes as Mike enters a contest that could bring the dreams of becoming a scarer back into play and the joining up of the unlikely fraternity Oozma Kappa as well as Sulley and the nerd team have to learn to trust and learn about each others strengths and weakness to meet the challenges of the contest this brings Sulley and Mike closer as well as building confidence in the nerds, but do they win the contest will Sulley and Mike make it back into the university?


  1. I cant wait to go see this, loved the first one :)

  2. I remember the first one made sophie scream horror for a 1 year old