Strawberry Pavlova

Bake it Monday 

Because the house smells great with fresh baking and its always nice to lick the spoon of your creation and share a slice of cake.

Its nice to have some home baking in the house for the week, to feed hungry mouths when they come home from school, having tea and cake with fellow mummies over a play date, or 4 o'clock snacks between lunch and dinner wouldn't be the same without a cookie or two.  

What ever the reason its good to get into the kitchen especially with little ones to give them the practical skills in measuring, mixing and taste as well as satisfaction that they have created and cooked something themselves.

Every 1-2 weeks we will be sharing a cake recipe because we cant share a slice of cake with you and we encourage you to share a slice of your home baking with us and anyone else that links up to this post.  Please show some love to others that put post up,  as linkies only work if you share and i cant think of anything nicer to share that a good slice of cake.
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To kick off this week lets share all bakes about Meringue:  If you have any new bakes or want to recycle an old post go to the link up at the bottom of the post. 

This weeks recipe comes from Mary Berry the Queen of cakes as daddy loves meringue and its hot we thought we would make a Pavlova. 

The ingredience 
4 eggs whites
250g caster sugar
1 1/2 cornflower
1 1/2 white wine vinegar

How to cook
Pre heat the oven to 160c when the Pavlova is placed in the oven instantly drop the oven to 130c and cook for 1 hour then turn off the oven and allow to cool.  

Whisk the egg whites and then spoon the sugar and whisk one spoon at a time
Then do the dreaded egg over head trick!!!!

Cook in the oven as above 


  1. Oh Helen you little girl is quite the accomplished cook!!
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts School Projects

    1. Thank you Sonia i have had her cooking since she was 1

  2. Ok, I'm drooling into the computer now!can I come live with you guys??

    1. Hehe well thats one way to clean a keyboard

  3. totally clicked on your link from twitter to drool over your pavlova.
    looks amazing

    1. I will tell Sophie she will want to share with you

  4. ooh I love your peaks! I could easily eat a whole pavlova which is why I try not to make it too often!!